Fundraising is as much a part of what we do and who we are as the wick is to the wax. Our love for assisting those organizations that use our products to gain funding, is deeply rooted, and burns bright.

We at Homefront Candles have made fundraising for your organization simple and profitable. For the ease of the campaign, Homefront recommends picking up to two of our seven available box designs and up to three of our eighteen scents for your fundraising needs. Once the campaign is completed and the monies are turned in to your campaign organizer, the organization/school will retain a negotiated percentage, and Homefront will receive the remaining balance. At this time, we do require that a minimum of 50 trio packages will be sold throughout your campaign.  Bear in mind that shipping costs may apply based on your order and location.  This is on a case-by-case basis. You can easily get started by going to the fundraising packet, which includes the profile document.

Because we give a generously high percentage to the organization, we keep it simple in our 1-2-3 process for your fundraising experience.  We’ve coined it our 1-2-3EASY process.

Email a copy of the completed profile page to us, and one of our valued staff will email a receipt of your request and the next steps. We are a dedicated and reliable resource for your organization, give us a call and see all the possibilities and what we can do for you.


1.844.4HM.FRNT (1-844-446-3768)