Homefront Candles Inc, manufactures its signature candle collection, utilizing the best in candle wax, wicks, and quality of scent.  Homefront specializes in a 16oz. eco-friendly reusable tin with a high grade quality soy wax (CB-130), paraffin candle wax is used at 10% only as a filler to help solidify the candle.  Other candle making wax traditionally used in the market place consists of: paraffin, palm, gel, and beeswax.  After extensive research, Homefront decided to retain quality, while making quantity, by using its CB-130 soy wax.   

Homefront utilizes 6-9% quality scent in every candle.  Scent for candle making purposes is defined as “threshold” for cooking.  Utilizing our soy wax along with the threshold of scent, gives every candle an even burn all the way to the bottom of the tin.  Many candle makers will make a candle using a paraffin wax with only a top scent.  A top scented candle will give the impression that its quantity, but in reality it will only scent on the top then ultimately burn out the scent and create black-smoke throughout the rest of the candle. 

Wicks are an essencial part of the candle making process.  Homefront candles are made with a non-metalic and lead free design.  This enables a clean, non black-smoke burn, which lasts 40-50 hours, as the quality of the wick ultimately determins the lifespan of the candle burning experience.

As an eco-freindly company, and following the National Candle Association (NCA) guidelines,  Homefront decided not to use any harmful dyes or chemical aditives to its candle developement process.  Therefore, all candles designed and manufactured by Homefront Candles, Inc. will always maintain the highest quality of fragrance, wax and wicks.